WasteBazaar is a cleantech solution harnessing digital technology to empower informal waste collectors mainly disenfranchised women and youth to lead structured circular businesses and connect Urban users to offer waste management-as-a-service On-demand. WasteBazaar aggregates collected post-consumer recyclables as raw materials for manufacturing industries at competitive prices.

Our Mission is to transform municipal solid waste management for 10 million Urban residents by 2050 through technology-driven innovative solutions that reduce waste, beat pollution and recover resources to create new economic opportunities for all.

Victor AMUSA - Founder/CTO

Our Solution

WasteBazaar explores a mobile technology platform to fight poverty, mitigate pollution and resolve municipal waste management crisis while localizing sustainable development across African communities.
An easy-to-use App that leverages mobility to transform Urban and PeriUrban municipalities in Africa to emerging smart cities.


Using GeoLocation and System support functionalities, WasteBazaar provides realtime access to convenient and affordable waste disposal service and likewise connect users to nearest recycling stations where recyclable waste is exchanged for Green Credits which is convertible to local currency for use in day to day transactions.


With a robust network of over 500 recycling collectors and 25 aggregators across major cities in Nigeria, WasteBazaar leverages a shared-value approach to stimulate plastic recovery from the environment while partnering brands to meet sustainability targets and cushioning collectors cost of logistics and energy for optimized performance

Exciting Features

This feature connect Users to neighborhood recycling stations and they in exchange earn Green Credits from recycling Plastics, Carton Boxes, Used Beverage Cans, Metals and even e-Waste. Users can now recycle without boarders.


This is an online shop where the currency of trade are GreenCredits earned from Waste Recycling. Groceries, Household Items, Food Items and other consumeables can be ordered with GreenCredits therefore further driving social inclusion and fighting poverty


Also called Uber4Waste, this feature provides Users with convenient waste disposal service as they can request for general waste pickup at the comfort of their homes or offices. Users can now pay for waste disposal with waste recycled.


This feature allows users to pay Utility Bills like Water Bills, Electricity Bills, Telephone Bills and even CableTV bills with GreenCredits earned from waste recycling therefore advancing financial inclusion across emerging African cities

How does it work?
1. Download & Install WasteBazaar App
2. Create a User Account
3. Login & Explore
Our Partners
We are open to collaborative parnerships with organizations whose core value clearly aligns with ours and advances sustainability, as together we can make the world a better place for all.
Some of our areas of interest are strenghtening smart municipal waste management systems, EPR systems, environmental health and safety, waste recycling and advance composite material research.

Our Extended Producers Responsibility Framework fosters partnerships with brands to meet sustainability targets in material recovery for circularity interventions around social impact and legislations
Our EPR platform is built to track collectors activities with last-mile impact data optimized for Traceability. Innovation, Technology, Real-Time Data Tracking, Community-Driven Processes, Seamless Data reporting, Active Monitoring and 0% Data Duplication ranks us well above other players

Check Our Frequantly Asked Questions

WasteBazaar is designed with circular economy in focus. Recyclable Waste can be exchanged for value at neighborhood Recycling Stations and Green Credits are earned commeasurate to the weight of the recyclables deposited at such centers. Green Credits earned from Waste Recycling are seamlessly used in paying bills like Electricity, CableTV, Telephone, Grocery Purchases, Waste Disposal or even directly remitted into a user's Bank Account for other bill payment like School Fees, Hospital Bills etc.

WasteBazaar Neighbourhood Recycling Station operators currently collect Plastic Bottles (PET), Used Beverage Cans, Metals and Corrugated Brown Cartons. Efforts are ongoing as regards increasing the current stream of recyclables to allow for Electronic Waste, White Paper and Plastic Film Waste.

WasteBazaar provides easy access to on-demand Waste Collection service in Urban & Peri-Urban areas of developing nations using geofencing attributes. Our solution connect residents to the nearest Waste Hauling company which in return schedule the Client for WastePickup. The typical timeline for WastePickup after the Wasteify request has been accepted is within 24 hours.

Wasteify currently addresses domestic waste collection through an ondemand servce model and as such recommends containerization of waste in Disposal Bins or Drums. Each Wasteify bill covers the disposal of 1 Drum of Domestic Waste. Multiple request is however possible in a situation where the volume of waste exceeds 1 Drum.

All items purchased on the WasteBazaar Reward4Waste store are delivered to the nearest neighbourhood Recycling Station within 24 Hours of purchase. Clients are notified of delivery of the items via SMS/eMail.
Did not have your question? Direct further questions to support@wastebazaar.com